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Who we are

The project Glocal Youth, carried out with the support of the European Union, has been realised by a team of researchers and intercultural operators coming from different European countries:

Lai momo - Italy
Centre Audiovisuel Liège - Belgium
Grupo Comunicar - Spain
Centro de investigação e de comunicação cientifica - Portugal

Who do we address?

Teachers and educators can find on this web site practical tools to organize and develop classes of education to media and interculture, ideally with boys and girls from 14 to 20 of age. The didactic units, written in different languages, could also represent valid resources for the teaching of foreign languages.
Boys and girls can explore Glocal Youth web site and discover new and apparently remote media products, confronting with realities different from their own.
They will improve their knowledge of boys and girls like them, but living in other countries, both in Europe and in the developing world, finding out what they read, write and watch. They will be able to come nearer to the other, to become familiar to what is different from them.
Whoever is interested in education to media and interculture can find on this web site resources to approach these issues. Moreover, Glocal Youth presents the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of Southern countries through their media.

What can you find in this web site?

Glocal Youth is an international initiative, aimed to foster dialogue and exchange between different countries and cultures from World Southern and Northern regions. Therefore, Glocal Youth speaks many languages:English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
Some texts have a multilingual version, while in other cases we have left the original version, in order to preserve the authenticity of the original expression and to encourage linguistic learning.
In this web site you will find the results of Glocal Youth research:

Glocal Youth is a dynamic web site: it doesn't end with the presentation of what has already been done, but it intends to be a place for dialogue and to enrich with the contribution of whoever wants to participate in the project.
You have at your disposal several instruments to interact with Glocal Youth:

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