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Media education and didactical resources on-line

Media Educ
In English and French
Database on media education experiences in Europe, especially focused on field experiences. In the website you can also find the texts of the Belfast Conference (may 2004).

Media Awareness Network
In English and French
Canadian web site that provides resources and support for everyone interested in media and information literacy for young people. Here you can find a considerable database of class activities, which can be consulted by grade and by subject.

In English, French and partially in Spanish
Web site realized by UNICEF, which explores the relationship between media and children - adolescents. In the "Magic Bank" you can find a data base media initiatives by, with and for children. Entries in the bank feature a summary of the initiative, a section on challenges and lessons learned, plus contact details.

Media Education Project
In English
Links about media education, interculture and websites selling educational products.

In English and Hebraic
Slideshow in Power-Point format about an Israeli youth educational project (Education by Riddle, by Dan&Giora Chamizer) based on the competition of the participants.

ICEM - International Council for Educational Media
In English
ICEM is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which has been active in the field of educational technology since 1950. From the section Educational Media International, you can access the journal's archives, whose releases can be read in abstract version.

ACME - Action Coalition for Media Education
In English
ACME is a strategic network based in the USA, which links media educators, health advocates, media reformers, independent media makers and community organizers. The site includes a long list of media education resources (bibliographies, internet sites, filmographies) organized by section (media literacy, independent media, activism, etc.).

Media Literacy Clearinghouse
In English
A web page designed for K-12 educators who want to learn more about media literacy, integrate it into classroom instruction, help students read the media and help make their students more media aware. Here you can find links to on-line resources about the main investigation areas of the Communication Sciences, from advertising to war reporting.

Media Literacy Review
In English
On-line journal on media literacy of the Center for advanced technology in education of the University of Oregon. It offers a free-of-charge database, many articles, on-line resources and links to media literacy organizations.

Project Look Sharp
In English
On-line initiative carried out by Ithaca College (USA), which provides materials, training and support to help teachers prepare students for life in today's media saturated world. In the Media Literacy Library section you can find a rich bibliography on media education.

Noodle Tools
In English
On-line resources on media literacy, but also on "classical" subjects like History or Mathematics.

Aula Mèdia
In Catalan
Catalan website about media education, with many on-line resources and materials about press, radio and television. The site also includes a wide bibliography and a series of useful links to sites that document media education experiences already made, especially in the audiovisual field.

Just Think
In English
Organization dealing with the realisation of media education activities. The site presents information, links and articles which propose strategies to train young people to a critical use of media.

In English
English website for teachers, students and anyone else who's interested in media and moving image education in primary, secondary, further and informal education. The site contains many practical resources on media education and examples of activities, with a very detailed research engine.

Media Education Foundation
In English
Organization based in the USA which produces and distributes video documentaries aimed to encourage critical thinking. The site presents the catalogue of the available videos and a series of link to media education resources, studies on social issues, sites made by and for young people

Media e Identità
In Italian
The site gathers a series of 4 lectures held in Genova between November and December 2003, dealing with the role of mass media in the shaping of individual identity. The site also includes an interesting bibliography on the same subject.

Media Support
In English
Independent NGO and consulting company which aims to use media - particularly radio - to provide information and education, and promote development and democracy goals in developing countries.

African Education Knowledge Warehouse
In English, French, Swahili, Portuguese, Arab
Pan-African education portal which services African SchoolNet practitioners, policymakers and school-based communities on ICTs in education across Africa.

In Spanish, Catalan and English
Educational program that Fundació "la Caixa" has developed on the Internet for children from 3 to 18 years of age, along with their families and teachers.

In Italian
This centre, based in the province of Rimini (Italy), organises workshop of media education and is the promoter of the national meeting "Medi@tando, biennale sull'educazione ai media in Italia".

Il Mediario
In Italian
Italian portal which presents five different sections, each one referred to a specific media: TV, Internet, radio, cinema and theatre. It also proposes special investigation pages about education and communication subjects.

European Center of Media Literacy
In Italian, English, Finnish and German
This project aims to create a European Centre of Media Literacy. It is an educational no-profit organisation, finalized to drive children and adults in understanding contemporary mass-mediatic culture.

In French. Some parts also in English and Spanish
French centre which helps students in editing scholastic journals. It also publishes "Fax", a review that proposes topical debates among young people of the whole world.


The International Center for Transcultural Education
In English
Research center that convenes networks of scholars, researchers, educators, oral historians, policy makers, and social advocates who are committed to the transformation of education policies, practices and perspectives through transcultural teaching and learning. In the section Publications you can find a catalogue of books and e-books which can be ordered on-line.

Global Gateway
In English
International website, enabling those involved in education across the world to engage in creative partnerships. It is a one-stop-shop, providing quick access to comprehensive information on how to develop an international dimension to education: on-line resources for teachers, young people, parents and authorities.

Portale per l'Educazione Interculturale
In Italian
Italian website very rich in information and resources about intercultural education, such as case studies, databases, links to teaching materials and a linguistic lab with on-line software for learning Italian and foreign languages.

Sister Cities International
In English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Italian, German, Russian, Japanese
Arab, Dutch, Korean, Greek, Chinese, Lappish.

Sister Cities International is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network creating and strengthening partnerships between U.S. and international communities in an effort to increase global cooperation at the municipal level, to promote cultural understanding and to stimulate economic development. In the site you can find several discussion lists and a rich series of links about fundraising.

Participation - Active citizenship

Portale Europeo per i Giovani
In all EU languages
The European Portal for Young People is a UE initiative, suggested by the White Book "A New Impulse for European Youth". The main goal is to offer the largest possible number of European young people an easy and quick access to the European information they are interested in. The portal is addressed to 15-to-25-years-old people, but it is intended to meet also the needs of those who work with young people.

World Ecitizens
In English
The WE web based learning environment is a rich resource for educational collaboration in topics such as responsible citizenship, mutual respect, combating social injustice and conflict prevention and resolution. WE participants can build projects together, join in debates and develop electronic portfolios. Young people achieve World Ecitizen status when they publish a contribution to the WE gallery.

Citizenship education: the global dimension
IIn English
A site for teachers and educationalists working with young people of all ages - primary, secondary and Post 16 - who are keen to explore and promote the global dimension to citizenship. The on-line resources section is very rich: case studies, working schemes, on-line lessons, bibliographies etc.

Make A Connection
In English
A global initiative to promote positive youth development by giving young people an opportunity to make connection to their communities, to their families and peers, and to themselves. The Toolkit section includes various kinds of material: teaching resources, but also life skills quiz and related articles.

Communication and development

The Courier
In English, Spanish, French and Portoguese
Two-monthly magazine funded by the European Development Fund (EDF) about relations between the European Union and ACP countries (African Caribbean and Pacific).

The Communication Initiative
In English and Spanish
The Communication Initiative is a partnership of development organisations seeking to support advances in the effectiveness and scale of communication interventions for positive international development. In the web site you can find a very rich database, constantly updated, about projects of communication and development.

The Johns Hopkins University - Center for Communication Programs
In English
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health established CCP in 1988 to consolidate health communication programs originating in the 1970s and early 1980s and focus attention on the central role of communication in health behavior change.

Digital Opportunity Channel
In English
This web site seeks to bring in a global perspective to the discussion over ICTs and the digital divide. It is rich in news, case studies and on-line resources. Here you can also find a discussion forum, where it is possible to participate as individual or as organization. Digital Opportunity Channel is a joint endeavour of One World Channel and the Digital Divide Network

International Media Support
In English
The long-term strategic vision of International Media Support is to contribute to peace, stability and the development of democracy in conflict and conflict threatened areas. This is achieved through rapid interventions to promote and strengthen press freedom and professional journalism and to improve the working conditions of local journalists and media practitioners.

INFO Project
In English, Spanish and French
The INFO Project offers a range of information resources and services about family planning / reproductive health (FP/RH).

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