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How to use the e-book

The Glocal Youth e-book ("electronic book") is entirely made of HTML pages, with all the hypertext links for internal navigation.
In order to read the e-book, viewers will need their own browser (Explorer, Netscape...), the same one they use to navigate in internet.

We chose the HTML format for the e-book, because it is the easiest format to read texts.
Since every Personal Computer or MAC has a browser, everyone can use it and have access to the information without downloading specific programs and without charges.

Once the program is downloaded and placed in a folder, you can use it without an internet connection, with the exception of the links.

N.B. Some links are directed to web sites, therefore, in that case, you need to enter the web to visit them.
In order to see the film sequences on the Glocal Youth web site, due to their MB (megabytes) weight, it is advisable to use a fast connection (DSL/CABLE).

Downloading instructions

Make sure you download the version that fits your PC or MAC better.
Decompress the file in a folder (e.g. c:\ebook).
Open the folder and double click with the mouse on file index.htm. That's all!

Available versions:

Zip version (for PC and MAC)
Download this zip version

Rar version (for PC and MAC)
Download this rar version

N.B. In order to decompress the file, you need to have the winzip or winrar decompression program already in your own PC.

If winzip is not yet installed, you can download here a trial version.
You can download the demo winrar version (that works with .zip files as well) from here .

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